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A stressful divorce process can get to be very confusing. That's why you need a professional such as a lawyer to work for you.

Even a simply none contested divorce filing has so much legal paperwork that has to be filed and it has to be done filled out in a specific way and filed in a specific time frame.

Paperwork is just the beginning of the issues, especially if your current spouse decided to contest the divorce process.

Then you will have to have someone who knows trial law and how to make it work to your benefit.

Divorce in Texas is can become a complicated procedure quicker than you may think. More stress is the last thing you need during a divorce.

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To be able to apply for the divorce in Texas, residency needs should be met for that court to simply accept the situation. When the court finds out it doesn't have jurisdictional legal rights to listen to the situation it won't be recognized or it is going to be ignored. The needs are listed below:

A suit for divorce might not be maintained within this condition unless of course at that time the suit is filed either the petitioner or even the respondent continues to be: (1) a domiciliary of the condition for that preceding six-month period and (2) a homeowner from the county where the suit is declared the preceding 90-day period. If a person spouse is a domiciliary of the condition not less than the final six several weeks, a spouse domiciled in another condition or nation may file a suit for divorce within the county where the domiciliary spouse resides at that time the papers are filed.

An individual not formerly a homeowner of the condition who's serving within the military from the U . s . States and it has been stationed at a number of military installations within this condition not less than the final six several weeks and also at a military installation inside a county of the condition not less than the final 3 months is regarded as a Texas domiciliary along with a resident of this county for individuals periods with regards to filing suit for dissolution of the marriage. (Texas Code - Family Code - Chapters: 6.301)


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